London Falling


The two-week hiatus between attempts at London Major has not been beneficial for our band.  We had three goes last night, and not once did we make it as far as we had a fortnight before.  Overall, the ringing quality was better, so it meant that instead of limping from one signpost to the next, we were either ringing quite well or fired out.  There wasn’t much in between that.

We were all, in our various ways, having a bad night.  How bad?  Well, I managed to swap with somebody else during a plain course of Kent.  Simon couldn’t even manage a mildly cutting remark.  He was lost for words, and just goggled at me.

In the meantime, we have the Mad Peal Day to prepare for.  This would be two handbell peal attempts and a tower bell attempt in the same day, and some of us have a composition to learn.  Watch this space.

Of course, not everyone had a bad night.  Thomas, our son, came in from a late swimming lesson, swallowed a hamburger nearly whole, rattled off a plain course of Bob Minor, and took himself off to bed.