New school year, new handbell club

Last year's experiment in running a handbell ringing club in our children's primary school was such a success that we were determined to run it another year.  My plan was to do another 4-week block introductory course, followed by a regular session with those who wanted to continue.  At that stage I would introduce the remaining ringers from last year's club -- those that wanted to keep ringing at any rate (so far most have said 'yes').


Since we had the big push last year, I was assuming that most of the novelty value had worn off, so a single group would suffice.  Last year we had 17 pupils give it a go in two groups.

This year, there were 21!

I have taken half of them, and will run another beginner's course after Christmas.

Well, we had our first session at lunchtime yesterday, and got to some rounds in small groups.  We were getting properly stuck in when we were surrounded by the usual inhabitants of the classroom we were occupying -- the promised rain had come.  We retreated to an unused room and carried on practising until a teacher came in to say 'uh actually, we have to start class now.' oops.

So our plain hunting on bodies exercise will have to wait for next week.  The children did pretty well, despite the interruptions.  One did give me her bells and ask for a pair that worked.  I had to smile.  'Keep practising and they will work fine', I said, though I did give her a lighter pair to make it a bit easier.