Plain Bob, Bristol, and a bit of London

Last night was altogether more successful.  First, our son rang his first plain course of Plain Bob from the trebles.   Then we knocked off another quarter of Bristol, and then a plain course of London.

Not exactly ‘knocked off’:  it was the hardest composition we had rung thus far, no hiding in lots of coursing for the inside pairs.  It was hard, and trippy, and teeth-grittingly determined, but it also had some really nice sections.  Days like that I think we are really getting there.

The London needs a lot of work, and frankly suffered from a bit too much wine after ringing the Bristol.  But London is October’s project.  I still need to rehears the pairs, locate the obvious milestones, and really, learn the line better.  But I am starting to see how it fits together more than I was last month.

The Plain Bob?  That needs some work too.  The first two leads were pretty confident though, and he enjoyed it.