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We like the idea of trying to ring Norman Smith's 23-spliced Surprise Major. First rung in 1966, the composition has become a popular challenge. Andrew Craddock's PealBase web site includes statistics on peals of 23-spliced. At the time of writing (26th September 2014) it has been rung 639 times, but...Read more

As Simon has recently mentioned, we recently rang a peal of 23-spliced in hand with David and Henry Pipe.  Now, Simon has rung this now a few times, David Pipe probably a billion times, and I'm pretty sure Henry has now rung it at least five times.  This was...Read more

The week before last we were away on the annual "Hulliday", a big group of ringers with families who have been going on holiday together for a few years. These days the holiday doesn't involve much ringing (the amount of running is increasing steadily), but there is usually some handbell...Read more

BellBoard addicts might already have noticed that Henry Pipe has rung Norman Smith's 23-spliced on handbells. This is a tremendous achievement, all the more so at the age of 13. I had the pleasure of ringing one part for practice, with Henry, David Pipe and Alex Byrne, on our holiday...Read more

A week after the previous attempts, we got together again and succeeded.

Scottish Association
1 Albany Quadrant
Sunday, 11 October 2015 in 2h40 (15C)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (23m)

224 each Ashtead, Bristol, Cambridge, Cassiobury, Cornwall, Cray, Double Dublin, Glasgow, Ipswich, Jersey, Lincolnshire, Lindum, London, Preston, Pudsey, Rutland,...Read more

There were points during the previous weekend, especially on Sunday, when I thought we had bitten off rather too much - again. 

Our programme to ring a peal Norman Smith's 23-spliced coincided with our usual semi-annual handbell day.  Simon has already written about our first attempt on Friday evening,...Read more

On Friday evening we had our first attempt for the peal of 23-spliced. We didn't get it, but we got well into the 5th part, with mostly very good ringing. That's more of it than we have rung in one go before, so although it was disappointing not to reach...Read more

We've been practising hard and we have now rung all of the parts two or three at a time. Well, OK, when we rang parts 1, 2 and 3 we weren't in quite the right order at the end, but we rang most of it. Now it's a question of...Read more

So, this past weekend we had an intensive weekend of 23-spliced practice with Jonathan and Angela, starting on Friday evening and continuing through to Sunday afternoon.  It was a great success and pushed us much farther forward than we expected.

Our aim was to just keep working as far as...Read more

We have set aside the coming weekend for intensive practice of the 23-spliced methods, starting on Friday evening and continuing for as long as we can manage. Eventually we will have to stop so that we can go tower-bell ringing on Sunday evening.

We lost the current quarter of spliced...Read more


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