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One of the things that came out of the aftermath of Roger Bailey's death and subsequent memorial arrangements was that Marcus Wheel has officially come out of handbell retirement.

Our sitting room - several sets of handbells and the Handbell Club hunting charts...Read more

After a tour de force of organisation by Tina, we have rung a total of four handbell peals in memory of Roger, involving nine different people who between them rang over 700 peals with him. All except the first were scored at the first attempt, and ringing three handbell peals...Read more

Roger Bailey ringing handbells

The Bear has left us.  That prolific, amusing, travelled, entertaining, exasperating and sometimes grumpy one more often known as Roger Bailey has left us.  For us, it is an enormously personal loss, as it will be with so many other...Read more

We're very sad that Roger has gone. We failed to ring a peal in his memory yesterday evening, but we managed a quarter afterwards. We'll try again for the peal another day.


Roger had a huge influence on my handbell ringing. I first met him in October 1991, when...Read more

Quite a long time ago, I produced tables of the most popular methods for handbell peals of Major, Royal and Maximus, which showed that although Yorkshire Major is more commonly rung than Cambridge Major, the preference is reversed on higher numbers.

Just for fun, here are the...Read more

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