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This is an occasional series about statistical trends in change ringing on handbells.

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Here is the Top 20 list on 12 bells, again from 1954 to 2010 with data from www.pealbase.co.uk. The usual comments apply to Spliced and Spliced Plain.

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Rank Method Peals %
1 Stedman Cinques 421 22.1
2 Cambridge Surprise Maximus 255 13.4
3 Kent Treble Bob Maximus 226

Here is the Top 20 list for 10-bell handbell peals from 1954 to 2010, based on data from www.pealbase.co.uk. The comments about Spliced vs. Spliced Plain, from the 8-bell post, also apply here.

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Rank Method Peals %
1 Plain Bob Royal 722 15.6
2 Kent Treble Bob Royal
Originally Posted on October 12, 2011 by Simon

Here are the Top 20 methods for peals on 8 bells. This time I have not combined the spliced peals quite as much as I did for the 6 bell table. The categories of spliced are a little unclear, because...Read more


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