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What did we do to make the progress we have made?  Articles which contain general advice about change ringing on handbells, including techniques, ways to practice and rehearse, and discussions about different approaches to learning change ringing on handbells. 

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Angela wants to ring a quarter of Aardvark Surprise Major. To answer the obvious question, it's to do with the fact that her sister is getting married soon. It seems that there was a discussion of ringing something as a wedding compliment, and Angela's sister's fiancé, who is not a...Read more

This article is the first in a short series about the techniques that I try to use when conducting on handbells. Here I am distinguishing between calling, meaning putting in the bobs and changes of method, and conducting, meaning also checking the correctness of the ringing and trying to correct mistakes when...Read more

Since completing our 8-spliced project last June, we have turned our attention to another spliced challenge - that of ringing Horton's 4 (Glasgow, Bristol, Belfast, London) in hand.   Well.  After some detours into other little projects and the odd handbell day.

The impetus to get started was provided by the...Read more

One difference between tower bell ringing and handbell ringing is that a tower bell has its own momentum and rhythm, but a handbell doesn't. On handbells, all of the rhythm has to be created by the ringers. We have to start at the right speed, absorb the rhythm of that...Read more

We have been working on our current project, a peal of 8-spliced, for a while. We rang our first quarter in November 2012, and since then we've rung several more quarters, and lost a peal a few times. We find it difficult to get together for peal attempts, so we...Read more

A few weeks ago I attended my first module of the ITTS (Integrated Teaching Training Scheme), and while I am not sure I ever gained mastery over the many acronyms floating about, I came away with some interesting ideas, which have some applications to handbell ringing.

The most productive concept...Read more

On Saturday we had another successful Scottish Handbell Day, which Tina will write about soon. On Sunday we had a session of trying to make progress with our 8-spliced project. As we have been out of practice over the summer, rather than going for a peal we decided to ring...Read more

I've been practising with Mabel a fair bit recently, partly because we haven't been doing much real handbell ringing over the summer. Here are some thoughts on how I use it. It would be interesting to hear from other users.

On one of my trips last year, when looking for something to read on the plane, for a change I browsed the business section of the airport bookshop instead of the fiction section. I picked up a book called What Got You Here Won't Get You There, by Marshall Goldsmith....Read more

Among the quarters we rang on the most recent handbell day was one of Plain Bob Major, which was Colin's first quarter away from the tenors. As I often do for Bob Major, I called the standard 720 of Bob Minor (i.e. Wrong Home Wrong 6 times, single Home...Read more


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