An occasional series that discusses matters about the state of change ringing on handbells, with some occasional philsophising.

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Some time ago, I wrote about the fact that getting started on handbells is easier than getting started on tower bells, because there isn't the difficulty of learning to handle a bell. At the time, I was thinking that bell handling on handbells is almost trivial; certainly I don't...Read more

BellBoard addicts might already have noticed that Henry Pipe has rung Norman Smith's 23-spliced on handbells. This is a tremendous achievement, all the more so at the age of 13. I had the pleasure of ringing one part for practice, with Henry, David Pipe and Alex Byrne, on our holiday...Read more

Going through Simon's occasional series of handbell-friendly compositions, I have been giving some thought to what features make the method itself handbell-friendly.  Some methods do lend themselves well to handbells, while other methods are surprisingly tricky.  Here are some of my thoughts on some particular features and a 'handbell-friendliness' score...Read more

There has been a lively discussion on Facebook about how to reverse the decline in the number of people ringing peals, in order to capitalise on the success of the 'FirstPeal2015' initiative (this was to get 300 people to ring their first peal in 2015).  In his analysis, Matthew Sorell...Read more

Somehow I have only just noticed that Graham John's web site has several recordings of handbell ringing. They are extracts from peals, in a variety of methods on different numbers of bells, including some record lengths. All of the ringing is excellent - in fact you have to...Read more

On Saturday we had the annual Scottish Association training day, at which I was running a Bristol group at Dunblane. At Angela's suggestion I took the mini-bells, and although we didn't have time to do any ringing during the day, we did get them out in the pub after...Read more

A few thoughts based on our experiences.

  • Not enough people. We don't have a large pool of ringers to draw on, so it's difficult to get a 12-bell band together often enough to be able to steadily improve from session to session. In our Kent Maximus attempt last Saturday, Nick
  • ...Read more

It so happens that Simon's mother has lately taken up handbell tune ringing (or, as the rest of the world seems to know it, English handbell ringing).  Last weekend we went to see her in concert with her group, the Alton Handbell Ringers.

The Alton Handbell Ringers at their</body></html>...Read more

Last week I joked on Facebook that our 41 Minor would have been the featured performance on BellBoard, if it hadn't been for the those clever chaps in Cambridge ringing Chandler's in hand on the same weekend.  Yesterday we were first, for a while, before being beaten out by...Read more

Some activities are much easier than others to start learning. On holiday in the Isles of Scilly with my sister and her family, the children tried various watersports. Kayaking and sailing are easy to get started on, because you sit in a stable boat and if you do absolutely nothing,...Read more


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