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The Albany Quadrant weekly band and our experience at learning together is what inspired the beginnings of this blog.  Starting with a very wide range of experience (from none to quite a lot), we have all expanded what we can ring in different ways.  Besides learning as individuals, there is a separate 'band' entity, which has a dynamic of its own, different from when we each ring with other bands.  Our weekly band consists (most of the time) of Simon, Tina, Angela and Jonathan, with occasional visits from Marcus and Nick.

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Last week we were back at home after a holiday in the USA, and we managed to get back to our handbell project by ringing a quarter of Preston on Monday; just before going away, we had scored a quarter of spliced Wembley, Yorkshire, Jersey, Lincolnshire,...Read more

You know the rest...

Last week we reached a point of conflicting projects.

We have had some success...Read more

We always view Holy Week as an opportunity to take a break from the bell tower, and do some more handbell ringing instead.  This year, we packed in so much extra handbell ringing, that it has extended into an intensive fortnight of handbell ringing.  This year we were very indulgent...Read more

Regular observers of the goings-on at 1 Albany Quadrant might have noticed that we have been working on Horton's Four (London, Bristol, Glasgow and Belfast), following a successful peal in the tower in December. From seeming impossible at first, it is gradually starting to feel more manageable, although we still find...Read more

If I had delayed my previous post by one week, I would have been able to end the post on a higher note (see Getting to grips with Horton's 4).

After not quite getting a quarter of Horton's 4 in the days immediately following our successful tower bell peal,...Read more

Since completing our 8-spliced project last June, we have turned our attention to another spliced challenge - that of ringing Horton's 4 (Glasgow, Bristol, Belfast, London) in hand.   Well.  After some detours into other little projects and the odd handbell day.

The impetus to get started was provided by the...Read more

We have been working on our current project, a peal of 8-spliced, for a while. We rang our first quarter in November 2012, and since then we've rung several more quarters, and lost a peal a few times. We find it difficult to get together for peal attempts, so we...Read more

Well, maybe not. But in our continuing 8-spliced project, we decided that these are the methods we need more practice at, so we rang them in a quarter with a nice palindromic six-part composition:

 1344 Spliced Surprise Major (4m) Simon J Gay 2345678 ---------- S 5738264 P- 7864523...Read more

A few weeks ago I attended my first module of the ITTS (Integrated Teaching Training Scheme), and while I am not sure I ever gained mastery over the many acronyms floating about, I came away with some interesting ideas, which have some applications to handbell ringing.

The most productive concept...Read more

On Saturday we had another successful Scottish Handbell Day, which Tina will write about soon. On Sunday we had a session of trying to make progress with our 8-spliced project. As we have been out of practice over the summer, rather than going for a peal we decided to ring...Read more


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