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This covers any other ringing we do with other handbell ringers with the Scottish Association, including during our Scottish Handbell Days, ringing weekends in Tulloch, and whenever we can fit handbells into an Association event.

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We had planned a session with Nick today, as he was going to be passing through central Scotland. It could have been a Cambridge Maximus session, but we didn't manage to find a sixth person, so we decided to work on London and Bristol Royal. We were fairly confident that...Read more

Yesterday we rang our peal of Yorkshire, in a rather echoey room in the buildings of St James' Leith. I called the Bernard Taylor composition, and it went smoothly, although at one point I did indeed become slightly confused about the positions of my bells vs. the...Read more

On Wednesday we followed up on a promise from the recent handbell day, by getting Peter Kirton from St Andrews to come to Albany Quadrant for a peal of Yorkshire. Satisfyingly, we succeeded first time, scoring quite a decent peal. Of course we would like to ring more...Read more

We are just back from a handbell weekend in Tulloch, hosted by Helen McGregor and Peter Bevis. Saturday was the general handbell day, with practice sessions and quarters including Plain Bob Minor (Thomas Gay's first quarter), Stedman Triples, Yorkshire Major and Kent Royal....Read more

There were points during the previous weekend, especially on Sunday, when I thought we had bitten off rather too much - again. 

Our programme to ring a peal Norman Smith's 23-spliced coincided with our usual semi-annual handbell day.  Simon has already written about our first attempt on Friday evening,...Read more

Yesterday was the SACR AGM and striking competition, held at Haddington. The Glasgow band won the striking competition, followed by Paisley in second place, which was a double triumph as the Paisley band all ring at Glasgow too. After that, I was elected as association ringing master.

One thing I want...Read more

On Saturday we had a handbell day in Tulloch, hosted by Peter Bevis and Helen McGregor. Nick Jones organised the ringing programme, and beforehand he and I had discussed the best 12-bell method to try as a step beyond Kent. As a result, when he sent out the schedule,...Read more

We have been working on 12-bell ringing on and off for a while. Our first quarter of Maximus was back in 2010, with a particularly handbell-friendly composition splicing Kent and Kent Little Bob. In 2012 we rang a quarter of Kent on one of the Scottish Handbell...Read more

Last week started well on Sunday with a quarter of Primrose in the tower, and continued well on Monday with a date touch of 8-spliced. The date touch was a textbook operation: we sat down, started ringing, continued until the end, and stopped. Some of the leads of...Read more

Among the quarters we rang on the most recent handbell day was one of Plain Bob Major, which was Colin's first quarter away from the tenors. As I often do for Bob Major, I called the standard 720 of Bob Minor (i.e. Wrong Home Wrong 6 times, single Home...Read more


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