Exploring a different repertoire

We have just come back from the annual Gay family get-together, where we usually manage to do a bit of handbell ringing. This year we started with Plain Bob Minor as usual, which was fine. After some coming and going we found ourselves with four people in the room, but I wasn't sure that it was a Bob Major band (some of the Gay clan only touch a handbell once a year at most). Suddenly I realised that Grandsire Triples might be an easy option.

We never ring Grandsire at home, but it has its advantages. Obviously 1-2 are easy in the plain course; also 3-4 course for all except the last lead. The tenors are easily managed once the unfamiliarity of covering is overcome. We rang a course straightforwardly, and followed it with a course of Grandsire Caters, which also went well.

With a different group of four, we tried Stedman Triples, and the plain course went so well that we were bold enough to try a touch. Calling a touch turned out to be manageable for the tenors ringer, and everyone else rang self-sufficiently.

Next time we are doing general handbell ringing with a mixed group, I'll add Grandsire to the menu; we'll have to try touches too. Don't worry though, Albany Quadrant regulars - I won't insist that we abandon our current projects and become odd-bell specialists!