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The hardest thing about ringing Stedman on handbells is the slow work, or more specifically, managing to keep one bell straight in the slow work without losing track of your other bell.  It can also be very challenging to keep track of which handbell is doing which when both are...Read more

We have just come back from the annual Gay family get-together, where we usually manage to do a bit of handbell ringing. This year we started with Plain Bob Minor as usual, which was fine. After some coming and going we found ourselves with four people in the room, but...Read more

After a bit of a break, we tempted Josy back into some more handbell practice, and the small holiday from handbells appears to have had some benefit.  We reviewed some plain methods, worked on rhythm and pace, and plunged off into the tidal race of Cambridge Minor.  All showing signs...Read more

Last Saturday, we sat down and rang a peal of Stedman Caters.


For many of our fellow handbell ringers whose attempts at ringing beyond a plain course are fraught with hesitations, disastrous memory failures, swapped pairs, and simple lack of confidence, the above is an amazing statement.  Most of...Read more

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