Stedman Triples progress

We scored a quarter yesterday, after a couple of short false starts. Generally the ringing was good, and we even managed to recover from a few mistakes. It will be important to have some resilience if we're going to be able to ring a peal.

I was impressed by both Tina and Julia being able to correct mistakes. I'm still finding that it takes a lot of concentration to ring my own bells accurately. Because I'm ringing entirely by quick and slow sixes, I think I've lost some of the view of progress through the slow work that would let me see which bell I'm doing a whole turn or half turn with. Also, ringing online means that you can't quickly point at a bell that you think should be leading.

We're going to ring another quarter next week, with Julia conducting from the tenors and Tina switching to an inside pair. I will try to see more of what the bells I'm working with are doing, if I can do that without increasing my own mistakes.