Triples (7 bells)

My turn to conduct Stedman

Last week we attempted another quarter of Stedman Triples, this time with me conducting. We didn't get it, partly because of internet problems. We tried again yesterday and succeeded. I rang the tenors, which (as expected) reduced the task of ringing Stedman and putting the bobs in to a manageable...

More Stedman Triples

We rang another quarter of Stedman last week, this time with Julia conducting. There was a false start but after that we rang well, and Julia did some impressive correcting of mistakes. We're not ringing this week, but next week it's my turn to conduct, which I will do from...

Stedman Triples

We've started a Stedman Triples project with Marcus and Julia. Tina, Julia and I all like Stedman, but there's never much enthusiasm from the rest of the Albany Quadrant regulars, so when Marcus mentioned that he had been trying Stedman with the Five O'Clock Club and would like to do...

Grandsire Triples

This evening I rang a quarter of Grandsire Triples in Ringing Room - very satisfying, almost no trips, hardly any internet delays, good pace and rhythm for a time of 36 minutes.

Alban Forster called this composition:

1260 Grandsire Triples
Matthew Durham

1  3  4  6  234567
-           734265...