In which we discover that Stedman Doubles is very hard

After a bit of a break, we tempted Josy back into some more handbell practice, and the small holiday from handbells appears to have had some benefit.  We reviewed some plain methods, worked on rhythm and pace, and plunged off into the tidal race of Cambridge Minor.  All showing signs of improvement, and playing around with spliced plain methods is a real hoot, and has much to recommend it.

Then, just because it seemed like a good idea at the time, we had a go at a touch of Stedman Doubles.  Shipwreck!  Over and over again.  Having that call in the middle of a six is really really disorientating.  It feels like those times when you have accidentlally swapped your bells and suddenly have to put them the other way around when one bell is at the front and one is at the back.  Oh yes - Bass Rock in the storm with the lighthouse out.

I thoroughly recommend having a go, maybe very late at night after a good pub session.  Let us know how you get on......