So not ringing a quarter peal

Last night was our last opportunity to have a practice with Josy before her official quarter peal attempt on the Handbell Day (Josy is our new-ish learner: since about March).  We have been practising long touches of Plain Bob to work her stamina up for a quarter, and we decided to ring a ‘quite long’ touch, hopefully 1260 changes of quite long touch.


Well, in the end we managed a 360 after a few tries.  Mostly my fault.  I was unable to keep my own bells straight, whilst trying to put in bobs and correct any mistakes.  Actually, it was unclear whether I had kept my own bells straight even without the other factors.  At least once, I went wrong first.  Not my night at all.

Josy is probably now a bit anxious about her scheduled quarter peal attempt, but I think it will be all right on the night (or day, as it happens).  Plus I won’t be ringing.

Some success though:  our son had his first attempt at Plain Bob Minor from the trebles.  He got two leads in before, um, I went wrong, and sabotaged the whole thing.