Some Minor Fun Ringing

Our regular band was one short last night, so we rang a quarter peal of minor and named a method.  It is a six-bell version of something we have been ringing on 8 in the tower, and is a perfectly straightforward method on paper.

However, in handbells, the many places on the front made it a landmine field for swapping bells over.  It took us a few attempts to get to the end, but the final attempt came out good, and  with good ringing as well.

Scottish Association
1 Albany Quadrant
Monday 17 October 2011
1440 Kelvinbridge Surprise Minor
1-2   Tina R Stoecklin
3-4   Jonathan S Frye
5-6   Simon J Gay (C)
Kelvinbridge Surprise Minor: x36x14x12x1236x1234x36 le 16 (view the line)

(or see the quarter in Campanophile).

PS. While we were submitting the quarter peal, we found that our friend Robin Hall had been having fun with Abel in Shanghai.  Oh how we laughed….