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Spliced Kent and Oxford Treble Bob has almost disappeared from the tower bell repertoire, except for Minor, but on Major and above it is still actively rung on handbells. "Treble Bob Variations" refers to a style of composition in which there is a basic course of spliced Kent and Oxford...Read more

The Cam and Granta variations of Treble Bob consist of Kent, with leads of Kent Little Bob or Bastow Little Bob when the back bells should be in the slow. What does this mean, and why is it interesting? We will see that it provides an easier way into ringing...Read more

This is the composition we rang for our peal of Kent Maximus last year. It's based on a suggestion by Stuart Bamforth, which we used for a quarter of spliced Kent and Kent Little Bob. The idea is to use bobs in 4th and 6th place to get the...Read more

We have been working on 12-bell ringing on and off for a while. Our first quarter of Maximus was back in 2010, with a particularly handbell-friendly composition splicing Kent and Kent Little Bob. In 2012 we rang a quarter of Kent on one of the Scottish Handbell...Read more

Last week started well on Sunday with a quarter of Primrose in the tower, and continued well on Monday with a date touch of 8-spliced. The date touch was a textbook operation: we sat down, started ringing, continued until the end, and stopped. Some of the leads of...Read more

Yesterday was the Scottish Handbell Day, a high point in the calendar at 1 Albany Quadrant. It was the best one yet, and everyone went away happy. We had 18 people, and by lowering our sights a little instead of forcing everyone to ring on 12, we...Read more

After successfully sending our Handbell Club students away happy with their accomplishments, we turned to the more challenging part of the day, which consisted of satisfying various Surprise Major requests, and filling in the rest of the bands appropriately around them.  We had a small number of attenders, but a...Read more

Ah, on Saturday we finally broke our string of horrible bad and pointless losses:

Scottish Association
1 Albany Quadrant
Saturday 12 November 2011 in 2h25 (15C)
5088 Kent Treble Bob Major
Composed: W Hudson
1-2   Tina R Stoecklin
3-4   Jonathan S Frye
...Read more
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